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About Mystic Grape
Mystic Grape is a family-owned and operated wine bar in El Paso, TX. Owners, Santiago & Nicole, became interested in the wines of the world after years of travel. Their work took them to over 18 countries where they took advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as they could about wine. This was an opportunity to learn each countries signature wine and their culture. To better know the wine is to experience it in its own native land. After years of travel they learned that wine is a culture in its self. There are almost as many bouquets and flavors in wine as there are colors in the rainbow. El Paso is their home so they wanted to bring their knowledge and passion for wine to the area. Thus, Mystic Grape upscale wine bar and restaurant was born. 

Whether you’re planning a company event or you’re just looking for a quiet place to spend an evening alone, Mystic Grape is the place for you. Visit our wine bar in El Paso, Texas today to see for yourself why our customers love Mystic Grape.

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Mystic Grape Wine Bar
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Mystic Grape Wine Bar
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