Welcome to   Mystic Grape
Wine Bar and Suds
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Live Long
Live Strong
Live Free
Hours - Open 5 days a week
Tuesday          4 PM - 12 AM
Wednesday     4 PM - 12 AM
Thursday         4 PM - 12 AM
Friday              4 PM -  2 AM
Saturday      4 PM -  2 AM
Sunday            Closed
Monday           Closed
Our Code of Wine

Rule No. 1. We Never Serve Vinegar Wine! (except on Salad)

Rule No. 2. First smell & comply with rule number "1"
Come Wine & Dine Her Heart Away
We have four
 Italian designed 
Wine Tasting Stations 

These will allow you to taste 48 different wines either by the ounce
 by the glass to expand your wine tasting experience.  

This Enomatic systems compliment the rest of our amazing International wine selection.
Come Wine & Dine At 
Mystic Grape Wine Bar & Suds 
We Have Atmosphere
a game of Chess
Free Wi-Fi
Plug your lap top in to the TV
 Show your last vacation, your home movies, 
a presentations, 
with your friends & family
 With your Clients 
In one of our four semi private Conversational areas.
Great Atmosphere
Contact Us
For more info
For reservations Call us at: 
60 sec commercial

15 sec Commercial

Channel 7 Commercial

 Live music 
International Wines, Craft beer
Spirits, Atmosphere 
 Great Food!!!
Must Be 21 To Enter 

In order to maintain a relaxing adult atmosphere
No children are allowed
First of its Kind Wine Bar!!!

She's All Mine
It's Always a Good Time To Be A Winer
Winer Babies Welcome
Winer Babe's InSide
News and Entertainment

Wine Tasting Every Day
On Most wines you can get:
10 Tastes with $12
20 Tastes with $24
 30 Tastes with $36 
And so on!
25 oz to a bottle of wine
1 oz. to a taste
Price per taste can vary
 depending on bottle price
Reservations: 915-921-6277
Tierra De Luces Plaza; 2270 Joe Battle Blvd; Suite B&C; El Paso, TX 79938